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Libya International Company for Media Services, Marketing and Organizing Exhibitions, a Libyan company headquartered in Tripoli, was established in March 2009 under a license issued by the Ministry of Economy. Organizing exhibitions and conferences is a department specialized in organizing and managing them with cadres with experience in the field of preparation, organization and providing consultations to ensure success.

The advertising industry, starting from creating the idea to implementing it with the latest technical means in the field and with highly qualified administrative and technical cadres working with the highest quality standards.

Marketing, developing accurate scientific studies, preparing plans for them, following them up, and providing all consultations for media campaigns in accordance with international standards.

Electoral campaigns, among the company's activities is the adoption and implementation of electoral campaigns with the highest technical and operational specifications.

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We are well aware that we are not alone in the field of organizing exhibitions, conferences and the field of advertising industry, but we carry a slogan that makes us at the forefront of specialized companies.

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He holds a master's degree in the field of advertising industry and has long experience in the field of supervision, follow-up and implementation of the exhibition organization management.

Bashir Yahia Kazuz
General Director
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Organizing exhibitions: This is a professional mission that has an engineering and creative character and high professional capabilities that have the ability to build a practical base aimed at success.
Exhibitions are developing in their equipment and implementation mechanism, and they have become specialized exhibitions because of its importance to the visitor. Exhibitions are not prepared except for the need or to display products or services It must be delivered to the citizen so that he can see and acquire it.

Conferences: Scientific conferences are a unique meeting that brings together researchers in various fields. It is considered one of the important events that extract results to solve a dilemma or problem. To benefit from the solutions and scientific papers submitted by researchers and scientists within their experiments or scientific study of the problem or the focus of the conference.

publicity and announcement: Based on this question, we address the answer .. Is there a difference between advertising? Advertising and advertising are two words. The meaning may be the same for most people. Here, confusion may occur.
Each of them has its own goals and methods for communicating information about anything to the general public, but in fact there are many points that make them different.
Advertising can be defined: it is the presentation of anything that must be advertised in order to reach the information to the public according to a direct formula that carries the real misfortunes of the topic and its importance without creating flashiness or calling for preference for the recipient or building elements of suspense and imagination.

Definition of propaganda: It is a message that is prepared and marketed in all available media, with financial fees paid in order to publish it because it carries content that depends on the element of suspense and attracting public attention to it. Or services in exchange for money.

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Our capabilities in organizing exhibitions are fortified with knowledge and experience, and we are always keen to appear in the best and most vivid way.
We are always working on creating ideas of a distinctive and unique character that have a unique aesthetic formation, in order to provide better services.
Our tasks and our sciences are the result of a long period of time in school and in the field of work, which makes us work with sufficient stock of experience to perform our work with confidence.


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Libya Internation is the best the best company for organizing the events and confrences. It was a wonderful experience.

Julia Robertson

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They are much experience in the field of work, which makes them work with sufficient to perform the work with confidence.

Smith Robertson

Happy Clients

Libya International is distinctive and unique having a aesthetic formation, in order to provide better services.

Kane Robertson

Happy Clients
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